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Seeking Rockstar Programmers

Premise: I just graduated (yay), and so did a friend of mine. The only difference is I already have a job while he's looking for it. I never had to look for a job lately, but I did remember some online thingies existed. What I did not remember was the amount of rockstar programmers required.

I am linking some offers, cause if I did not you may get a wrong picture. I am not questioning the job offer per se, they may be good and I am in no position to judge. I just wonder what the hell rockstar means.

the leading website builder for bands, is looking for a rockstar RoR developer to join our team on a freelance basis.


They seem to be a music-related company. Oh, I get the joke.

company seeking a freelance, part-time, highly productive, jack-of-all trades "rock-star" developer, software architect, systems engineer and DBA to run all of our development, including client-side, server-side, databases and infrastructure.


In this other case though.. I do not? It seem to me massively qualified in everything.

.. is seeking a rockstar Interaction Designer to join our growing UX/Product Strategy department


Here again.. what does rockstar mean in this context? Heavy on drugs? Biting off bats' heads? Having a mass of followers?

It seems that other job boards also have these kind of proposal, for example on career builder

Software Product Comp seeks Sr. .NET Rockstar!


Hell, yeah! I love the bang.

On monster.com, you can get even more

Rockstar Developers (Java/C++ or .NET!) Sought!!!


three bangs, this is what rock is all about!

Anyway, not only programming jobs in fact. I noticed a "rockstar secretary". I thought for a moment it meant being a secretary for a rockstar, but no, it actually means being able to juggle appointments and phone calls like Mick Jagger.

At some point, companies that were young, fun and creative (or at least felt so) must have thought that to attract similarly talented people they should use these kind of expressions.

Well, my tiny suggestion is: please don't. If you are cool you don't usually need an extra step to look so.

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1 Response to “Seeking Rockstar Programmers”

  1. Gabriel C. Says:

    Maybe they’re looking for programmers that get drunk on the job, sing off-key, use drugs and sleep with the secretary? :D

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